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Our company is located in Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province. We keep in touch with suppliers in the surrounding cities, including Wuxi, Xuzhou, Yueqing, Lianyungang, etc. It is very convenient for customers to visit the factories of our suppliers. In addition, we are close to Shanghai Port, so product shipping is convenient and the delivery time is guaranteed.

We work in close cooperation with many domestic auto parts suppliers and these suppliers provide quality starter, alternator, solenoid, stator, field coil, brush holder, and other vehicle parts. With professional R&D team, our suppliers can make products according to the drawing or sample provided by customers. The products can also be packaged in accordance with customer requirements. Additionally, timely and appropriate adjustment will be made on the products based on the market conditions, so as to safeguard the interest of all.

Among our suppliers, most have cooperated with us for nearly 6 years. Several photos given in the subpage show the factory and equipment of one of our suppliers. During our cooperation in the past few years, the product variety expands and product quality improves. Our cooperation is also very smooth. We can respond to various demands of many customers and provide the customers with excellent service.

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